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Yajiang LED Shanghai Oriental Pearl wear beautiful corolla

Case Description

Yajiang LEDShanghai Oriental Pearl wear beautifulcorolla

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Radio and television tower, is located in Pudong,Lujiazui,and Nanpu,Yangpu two bridgeconstitutes a "Shuang" beauty. The building of thethird,fifth of the world's Radio and televisiontower,468 meters high,like a string ofpearl drop from the clouds, scattered inShanghai Pudong thishas yet to be carvedjade,under the irradiation of sunlight,twinkling dazzlinglight,a new landmark of Shanghai.

It is reported,the new artlighting works by famous Frenchlighting designer Patrick design, the wholelighting system consists offlood lighting andlighting arts is composed of two parts, only artlighting parthas 7 kinds of basic studio style, namelyaround mobile,flicker,gradually becoming bright dark, transverseopening and closing program, moving up and down, vertical openclosing the program, mixingstudio program.

Since September 30, 2003, the Oriental PearlTower has become aShanghai commander, however, Pearl Toweronly regret is118 meters hightower antennahas not meet therequirement forirradiation of LED lampsto light up. In order to make thePearl Tower Lightsmore perfect,in 2011October,pearl tower management unit determinesthe Pearl TowerLights for perfect. According to the relevant person in charge, they arein France, Eiffel Tower, Beijing CentralTV Tower,2008 Beijing Olympic Games,the Westin Hotel Guangzhou and many otherwell-known lightingproject to see Yajiangphotoelectric gorgeousfigure, especially for theYajiang LED lightingperfect color mixing effectand long distance of projectionimpressive.Yajiang LED by virtue of its goodreputation and excellent product quality, excellenttalent showing itself from inside numerous domestic and internationalbrand,become the Pearl Towerthe towerlighting renovation project of LEDlamps suppliers.

Pearl Tower thetower lighting renovation project, the designersuse theYajiang SILVER STAR seriesYG-LED308SCF.This is atrue giantbuilding facade orthe spatial structure of the product, its longprojection distance andhigh brightness and low poweradvantages can easily realize thedesigner of the PearlTower118 meters tallantenna partto illuminate the lighting requirements, to improve thePearl Tower night lighting projectdesign standards with a role model. In addition, the lampto use environmentally friendly plasticmaterial shell,waterproof power andtempered glass cover, not onlygreatly improves the lampswaterproof coefficient, but alsofully adapted to the harsh environment ofthe Pearl Tower perennialexpose to the weather.While the YG-LED308SCFlampand the power of independent heat dissipationstructure,to ensure that the YG-LED308SCF than ordinaryLED lamps for longer life. In optical design, YG-LED308SCFinstantaneous current is small,the poweris1/4LED lamppower supply.

In this project, YG-LED308SCF choice of15 degrees to the opticalangle,all using pure colorcold light, installed inthe oriental pearl tower topas wall wash lights, lights118 meters high towerof success,in the LED illuminationarea has epoch-makingsignificance.At the same time,because the LED energy,greatly improving the operation efficiency of. After the transformation of theShanghai Oriental Pearl Radio and television towerlights solemn elegant, of great momentum, warm front,468meters high toweris worldfourth LEDlights decoratedmagnificent; ornate; fascinating.After dark, atthe Oriental Pearl Tower,it is with all the lights, colorful. Crystal clear" water" from theOriental Pearl TV Tower on the balldown, through 10different sizes, or combination ofthe ball,flying and flow, the final SaxiangPujiang.Yajiang YG-LED308SCF from thetop of the deliveryof light, to thevast sky, likemost dazzling citytop of corolla, tower bodychanging colorsare Shanghai has addeda beautiful landscape.

Yajiang photoelectric asShanghai oriental pearl tower toplighting engineering lighting suppliers, thefirst-class products and technologies in thePearl Tower lighting projecthas been most incisiveshow.In the future, Yajiang photoelectricwill continue to move forward,adhere to independent innovation,adhere to the quality first, with the most sincere heartto provide you with the best service,truly Yajiang LED withthe world advanced technology and synchronization.