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LiaoNing TV HD Studio Illumination

Case Description

Location:  LiaoNing Shenyang

Time:     March 2014

Lighting Fixtures and Quantity:  YG-LED 833 (30pcs)  SS808sc (26pcs)



30 pcs YG-LED833 and 26 pcs SS808sc were applied for illuminating a total area of 365 m2 Liao Ning TV HD Studio for its golden column <The first time>. SS808sc is a tough, light and versatile lighting fixture that offers revolutionary performance. Fantastic dimming and smooth zoom angle makes the Studio vivid and colorful.


The column <The first time>--the main part of LiaoNing TV, it has passed through 12 years, and due to its high quality, it also considered the "Legendary Maker of Morning News Audience Rating". Its popularity, reputation and influence are well known by people from Liaoshen district and even China.<The first time> has won many prizes these years, such as Civilization of Chinese Youth, The First Prize of LiaoNing News, Civilization Kong. Etc