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Sanya Haitang Bay Kempinski Hotel Lighting Design

Case Description

Sanya Haitang Bay Kempinski Hotel Lighting project

Location: Sanya Haitang Bay International Leisure Resort

Lighting design unit: Shenzhen Shangdao Lighting Design Ltd.

Lighting supplier: Guangzhou Yajiang Photoelectric Equipment Ltd.


Summary: This is a five star hotel lighting renovation project, mainly use LED lighting and energy-saving control system to achieve the goal. The theme of lighting design is ‘People oriented and Simple fashion’.


About the project

Sanya Haitang Bay Kempinski Hotel located in the accumulation area of top class hotel in the world, the only one five star hotel with private beach and managed by Kempinski group, the European centuries-old luxury hotel managing brand.

The problems of the original lighting system: low luminous efficiency, lumens depreciation, CRI, Illumination and safety, can’t work in unstable voltage, frequent replacement etc.

The requirement: reduce the energy consumption and improve the lighting intensity. Use the exquisite color temperature changing and the dreamlike color to achieve the design concept in different scenarios.

The point to renovation: mainly use the high efficient intelligent lighting control system, combine with the traditional lighting source, energy saving lamp and LED lighting. Maximize to save investment and space, more convenient in management.


About the design concept

Natural and concise concept from Shenzhen Shangdao Lighting design company. The designer integrated the atmosphere of natural, leisure and comfortable into the whole environment. Accent lighting shows the detail of the significant building. Base on the design styles and functional characteristics of the building, to create the romantic and leisure light effect according the theme to achieve the unification of light and art.


Lighting design


Use the suitable and uniform illumination to make the visual spaces clear according the woodcarving structure. The exquisite color temperature and light beam control can limit the glare effective and light up the roof with the change of the season and the time.

Installation: LED small spotlight in the roof woodcarving, more high intensity, more focus and higher distance. Choose the same color with the woodcarving, the LED lighting integrated well in the roof to create the great light effect.