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Lotte city hotel, daejeon

Case Description

 Project introduction

Lotte city hotel is a four-star hotel, located in the centre of the city in Confucianism; is the best hotel to check in when you visit the Daejeon, and is also a top-class hotel equipped with modern self-service restaurants and banquet hall; with rich entertainment facilities and elegant surroundings, the Lotte Hotel is the ideal venue for corporate seminars and conferences, as well as for weddings. In order to better highlight the characteristics of the hotel, the hotel designers use Yajiang's CYAN 2000XE SS643XCE: professional moving head beam wash fixture, zoom from 7 ° to  40 °,with 2 section control,  when used in conjunction with multiple fixtures, you can achieve a variety of dynamic effect, make everybody more pleasantly and comfortably into the environment.