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songdo hanok village

Case Description

Project introduction

Songdo hanok village is Located in Matsushima Central Park which is the first seawater park in Korea, it is the third scene of the 9 scene of Matsushima Central Park. Hanok Village has a unique landscape with a combination of traditional landscape and modern architecture. Hanok Village has a gourmet shop, a cafe, and a Korean traditional hotel. You can enjoy Korean-style houses and traditional Korean-style in the Hanok village with an unforgettable memories. Therefore, in this environment, the application of lighting must be appropriate benefits. So the designers selecte the Yajiang's CYAN 12000XE SS644XCE & CYAN 8000XS SS648SC, efficient light source module, a rich pattern effect, delicate dimming, uniform color, coupled with a unique four-section controlling function, large-scale washing effect, thus, can creat an extraordinary, gorgeous dynamic effect.