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Ramada plaza hotel, Jeju

Case Description

Project introduction

Ramada plaza hotel is the first beach hotel in Korea which directly lies to the sea.Checking in here will make you feel as if floating in a boat with the unique experience.The hotel's distinctive architectural design will blend nature with modernity perfectly.The hotel has the whole party hall which can accommodate more than 1,200 persons, small and medium-sized discussion room, as well as sauna, fitness center, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, SPA and other facilities for your successful business negotiations and comfortable rest.
From its own perspective, the hotel designers reflect: Yajiang's professional moving head washing fixtures: CYAN 2000XE SS643XCE and CYAN 6000XE SS631XCE, with uniform facula and high color saturation , mating some GOBO products , make visitors like place themselves in the flowers, quiet and comfortable; When more than one fixture is used together, created a dynamic water-flow effect, make people feel happy in the wedding, and leave them a good and unforgettable memories.