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Yajiang in 2018 China Urban Lighting and Wenchuang Lighting Forum

On May 11-12, 2018, Yajiang was invited as a support company to participate in the 2018 China Urban Lighting and Wenchuang Lighting Forum (Shenzhen Station) with the theme of “cross-border and integration”. The forum brought together more than 300 senior experts in the lighting field, landscape lighting management units, production enterprises, construction and designers to discuss the model and operation of Wenchuang Lighting, market and policy analysis, effect and application evaluation of urban landscape lighting. The theme of urban curatorial and video lighting, cultural travel lighting and the development of tourism economy has made a comprehensive study on the cross-border integration and development direction of Wenchuang Lighting, and made suggestions for the development and transformation of urban lighting landscape lighting.

Mr. Dou Linping, Secretary General of China Illuminating Engineering Society

Ms. Yu Xinhui, the host of CCTV Securities Information Channel, served as the host of this meeting.

With the rapid development of the times, the basic lighting effects of lighting can no longer meet people's growing demand, and lighting requirements are given more use value and economic value. How to create the light in the designer's mind and make the night of city more brightness? Mr. Qing, the domestic marketing director of Yajiang Architectural Lighting, shared the keynote speech "Becoming Light in the Heart of Designers" on this issue.

This forum shows the achievements of Yajiang in the lighting field and the unremitting pursuit of the concept of “light quality creation and creation of the future”. In 2018, Yajiang continued to implement the enterprise development strategy, launched the stage lighting equipment as the center, continuously researched various technological innovation points, deepened the quality of light, and provided vital light source lamps for urban lighting and cultural lighting design. "To be the global LED solid-state lighting leader" as the corporate vision.